Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tandem (war world #1) - opening chapter - Mike Philbin

new cover
here's a link to the OPENING CHAPTER of Tandem (war world #1) by Mike Philbin, hosted on Goodreads.
You don't realise, as the world cruises by at a pedestrian pace, what's out there. What the real world's really like. You don't realise what you're missing. You go to school. You do your job. You take home pay. You go out at the weekends. Have dinner. Go see a movie. A football game. Drink beer. Make love. Shower. Rinse and repeat. But there's a REAL WORLD out there, a place that nobody knows about. Absolutely nobody. It's a special place with its own set of rules, plans and consequences. And it really exists, outside of the collective comprehension, such that the telling of this tale will seem irrelevant to you in a 'it ain't broke, don't try to fix it' GAE or Global Apathy Epidemic fashion.