Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tandem (war world #1) - first review on Amazon - 4 out of 5

this reviewer seems to get the idea of the War World series and why the books of the Free Planet series are also being released in tandem.

This is a good start to Philbin's War World series and equally disturbing as his Custodian series. And I don't think it's happenstance that the books for these two series are releasing at the same time. I think we're meant to combine the hidden truths from both of them to understand the world we live in.  [TANDEM by Mike Philbin, 4/5 Amazon review]

SOME MONTHS LATER UPDATE: here's another (short) review from my horror-writing/acting buddy David L Tamarin in the States:

Mike Philbin's novel TANDEM is a pretty insane read and a bitingly argued critique of the status quo and social iniquity and an exciting story of corporate espionage.  

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