Friday, 27 September 2013

Tandem novel available in paperback, ebook and Kindle.

you can now get your greasy military mitts on the greasy military War World novel TANDEM full of MK Ultra goodness and Warring Factions aplenty.

You want Tandem ebook?
You want Tandem Kindle?
You want Tandem paperback?

Remember, this book took (not five years (not five months) but) two months from start to finish, from a two-page treatment I took on holiday to long-hand notebooks to type in and final document copy, twice edited. So, what's this G3 whistleblower story all about, Miko?

Oxford-based lawyer Lorien Howell finds herself being drawn into the insane world of her client 'Actor Arrenay', as she calls him. But his War World research and his whistleblower files expose her to the Global Gambling Game that threatens to cripple mankind once and for all. 

It's 69,000 words, so don't expect it to take you too long to read. Just enjoy the surrealist adventure ride. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Update: there's a newer edit of this novel available now, just general tidying and correction to accompany the new covers, no great structural changes. I'll work on Watcher (war world #2) soon, and they'll both be suitably War World'd up.

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