Friday, 27 September 2013

Tandem novel available in paperback, ebook and Kindle.

you can now get your greasy military mitts on the greasy military War World novel TANDEM full of MK Ultra goodness and Warring Factions aplenty.

You want Tandem ebook?
You want Tandem Kindle?
You want Tandem paperback?

Remember, this book took (not five years (not five months) but) two months from start to finish, from a two-page treatment I took on holiday to long-hand notebooks to type in and final document copy, twice edited. So, what's this G3 whistleblower story all about, Miko?

Oxford-based lawyer Lorien Howell finds herself being drawn into the insane world of her client 'Actor Arrenay', as she calls him. But his War World research and his whistleblower files expose her to the Global Gambling Game that threatens to cripple mankind once and for all. 

It's 69,000 words, so don't expect it to take you too long to read. Just enjoy the surrealist adventure ride. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Update: there's a newer edit of this novel available now, just general tidying and correction to accompany the new covers, no great structural changes. I'll work on Watcher (war world #2) soon, and they'll both be suitably War World'd up.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Second draft in the can - final editorial pass to follow

68,500 words or so. Second draft done. I'd resolved the front end with the back end, retitled some chapters, added a few more layers of non-specific love interest, burned a hero or three and then completed the penultimate science-fictional horror-show chapter. Titled the last chapter Epilogue.

Typed THE END.

There's a surprising amount of sex in this second draft. Not that the sex is very 'sexy', in fact it's quite disgusting and insanely twisted thanks to MK Ultra overtones of compliance via sexual annihilation, thank you Police State. Thank you WAR WORLD. My multi-bonered mutants are way sleazier than Hollywood's Extremis agents. So, no love lost. Flame on, JDawn!

Hey, Mike, where can I get hold of this novel?

I'll tell you in a few days.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

the future of the TANDEM novel... second draft strategy for the WAR WORLD.

now that I know how the TANDEM novel ends (I wasn't sure I was going to 'enjoy' writing that bit, until I did) and with the content coming out at about three single-spaced document pages or so per chapter, what I intend to do is


go back in and extend certain specific aspects and meanings of each chapter so that the whole book has a more unified feel and appeal. I might even introduce some rude dead ends for the reader, because I detest him/her so. I want to get to the point where each chapter is five (or at least four) single-spaced document pages. This means writing around the content and/or exploring an aspect of that chapter not fully explored, or skimmed past, in the first-draft version. Should be quite fun.

Fear not, oh fans of the angsty/jumpy/spontaneous Hertzan Chimera 'get on with it you sick bastard, show everything now, don't piss around with filler' material you all know and love. What's going to happen is ... you know when you stub your toe on that door edge? Well, that, only more vivid, more excruciating, more tortuous. I intend to INJURE the reader with every unified chapter and get his/her head in a place where he/she will DREAD the next chapter and not want to turn the page. I'm going to blind him with side-events and confuse the hell out of him, until the wondrous climax.

Blindly led to blindness. Lambed to slaughter.

SEVERAL DAYS LATER UPDATE: based on my expansion of the first fourteen chapters (already) the word count for each second-draft chapter comes to about 3,000 words or more. I had a bit of a cheeky combine of some part-chapters and reduced what was 26 chapters to 24 @ 3,000 words each still gives me a projected 72,000 words total. That'll do for a decent novel length.

"War World!" say it like you mean it.


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Tandem novel - 50,000 words - first draft complete

I had a bit of a crazy-mad type in over the weekend, finished typing in notebook #2 and then notebook #3 turned out to be little more than a couple notes about what had gone before; a re-summary to help restructure some of what had already been written in #1 and #2. There was 'the battle scene' and that was delightful, and a 'the Virago scene' and that was proper horrific to write, but that was it really.

There is one final chapter to fully write-up. I don't have a detailed notebook entry for this but I know what the scene should be. It's basically one entire book written from scratch to first draft in six weeks. The total up to this point is 45,000 with the final chapter still to pen. Additional rewrite elements and that final chapter or two would take the final total of this first real draft to about:


It's just the way it is, I guess. And it has happened before. I should start to rename my 'novels' LONG STORIES. Because that's what they are, they're a longer version of a kinky idea. However big your written world is, there's only so much 'story' you can squeeze out of a number of characters without having to use chapters of  filler content or flash back to pad a book out to a contractual word count. This final chapter is a BIG LEAP and let's say I'm not totally sold on the climax but it's probably going to stick, the book is probably going to end this way.

I like the pace of the book the way it is; it's stripped to the bone, it gets on with it and doesn't let up. In fact, it has the feel of an old Hertzan Chimera long story; bedded in the real but surreal as fuck, and scary, and nasty.

And on the subject of NEW WORLD ORDER:

There is no ruling elite. That's what 'normal folk' always forget. The term New World Order was invented back in the 1940s to keep you and I under wraps, as a thinking species. In all reality, the thousands of millions of dreamers who do what they do naturally every single night are the ones who 'rule this world'. In fact, without them there'd be no commercial world, there'd be no profit/loss accounting careers, there'd be no wars for profit.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: now that I have the foundation of the last chapter on file, I can see how this may affect a second draft quite considerably. A final layer to what became an already complicated (and implicated) cake.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Tandem novel - thirty five thousand words - power of dreams

it's ironic, isn't it? Ironic that in a book about 'dreams', or at least the financial exploitation of said, the solution to why one of the characters would have in their possession a 'dream diary' would come from a dream ... a dream the writer had this morning.

Chapter eighteen of Tandem is titled: A WET WEEKEND IN WALES

I passed the 35,000 words mark in the 'type in' last night and I was left with a quandary, "Why did 'this character' have a dream diary on their person?" I mean, I understood that such a diary could be used as a cynical plotting tool to help the story along and show what might need to be done to finalise the narrative. I could see how it would be USEFUL, I just couldn't see why it would EXIST at all.

This morning I had my answer: in a dream. I had 'wondered' about this 'dream diary' last night, though I hadn't 'formulated' any 'dream question' or anticipated any Kekule (the discoverer of benzene's structure) Moment. But there it was, "The 'dream diary' is needed to show that 'this character' has STARTED dreaming."

It's the starting dreaming that is HIGHLY IMPORTANT in a novel like Tandem; you'll see why when it's done and you can read it.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tandem novel - thirty thousand words - first notebook 'typed in'.

that's it then: the first notebook of three has been fully typed in, edited, reworked, it's like Draft 1.5, somewhere in the middle of a series of detailed notes taken in long-hand and a final submission in document format.

The first notebook then was thirty thousand words.

I've done this before, over-estimated how long one of my novels is, or might turn out to be. Usually they come out at about 45-50,000 words. And even though there are two (slimmer, French) notepads to go, I might be closer to 50,000 than 60-70,000 I guesstimated in an earlier post.

I'm really happy where the novel's going, even if I've hacked and rewrote quite a different flavour or 'romance' into the book thus far, compared to what I brought back from my hols. I like the pace of it, when I thought the start of the novel was a little too pedestrian, a little too relaxed. I alter'd that, so that we're off and running basically at page one. I appreciate 'build up' but I don't wanna be associated with a 'slow burner'. I'm like a FAST BURN sorta guy, I like spectacle, and suspense. Drama and revelation.

Here's a special EXCERPT from the Tandem novel, just so you remember it's all a game:

Think back. Way back. To 1938. Oppenheimer and Tatlock. The first Tandem in recorded history. You're looking at the page going 'Oppenheimer, the father of the atom bomb?' Yes, that T Robert Oppenheimer, controller of Jean Tatlock who was by this time so close to destroying the earth that a special 'smother' operation took place in the Nevada desert we know today as Trinity. In fact, so disruptive was the Trinity event that it nudged itself forward in time some seven years. And all the history books have remained untouched, until now. Nuclear weapons didn't exist until the latter part of the 20th century. Nukes started out as a cover story for the Tandem operatives, it was up to The Atomic Energy Commission to research and eventually find a way to 'split the atom' and Operation Tulin took place. That was as late as 1991.